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With Travis always home, case files can be difficult to sift through. Since he’s not CID, and this whole thing is just a “personal interest,” he can’t work on it while on the clock.

The surprising part is that the woman in the Bar may have been onto something – Nicholas does daydream, it would seem. Granted, he does it in his own way, and it’s still about matters relating to work. Particularly, trying to figure out where the hell he’s seen Kyle Fisher’s name before.

That doesn’t stop him snapping to attention when his radio starts going off about a call in his area, though. It’s just the next block over, and they’re requesting back-up, so Nicholas is running in that direction before the radio is silent. He gets to the scene to find a man, a dog, a Panda with a flaming bonnet, and a gun.

This could get dangerous, and quickly. Nicholas quickly joins the other officers trying to herd civilians away from the scene and out of the line of fire.

With his attention turned toward the rubbernecking crowd, he doesn’t hear the commotion behind him until it’s almost too late. He turns just in time to see the dog, running toward the crowd. His first reaction is to grab his baton and smack the snarling beast senseless, but that plan changes quickly when it seems to take issue with the CLACK! sound his baton makes when it’s extended.

At least the dog isn’t going after the crowd. He’s almost glad until he feels teeth tearing flesh as the dog grabs hold of the nearest thing it can grab – which just happens to be Nicholas’ leg. He goes down, doing everything he can to get the dog off of him.

Luckily, someone else on armed duty manages to get through the crowd, and shot rings through the air. Nicholas looks up to see Travis rush over with a paramedic.

“Ah, fuck, Nick,” he says, finding his friend and partner lying on the ground. “There are easier ways to get promoted, you know.”

Nicholas glares at him, for a very brief moment forgetting about the stitches he’ll soon be receiving.

“You know I like to – ow! – think my office is out on the streets,” Nicholas hisses.

Travis forces a laugh as he helps get Nicholas up onto a trolley. “Your office is at home, on the sofa, it looks like.”

Well, at least he'll have more time to go through case files.


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