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Name:Police Chief Inspector Nicholas Angel
Birthdate:Aug 18, 1969
Location:Lambeth, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Nicholas Angle Angel knew what he wanted to do ever since he could remember — apart from a summer when he wanted to be Kermit the Frog.

Everything he did as a youth was geared at getting him ready to join the Metropolitan Police Service in London. Even his extracurricular activities were chosen because they would help him achieve this goal (well, except for the chess club. That just seemed like something that would be fun). He never took a year off to travel before university. He's held two jobs through out his entire life -- the first one lasted only a week before he quit, deciding that being a trolley boy was only taking away from his study time.

Nicholas is the sort of cop police officer who you'd almost swear never sleeps. But he knows this is a problem, and he's working on it. He tries to turn down requests to pull double shifts or cover for other officers, but he almost feels bound by duty to to accept without a moment's thought.

Even so, he's happy. He has a pleasant flat, the job he's always wanted, and a girlfriend who accepts his flaws with a quiet exasperation. What more could a guy want?

Note on Timeline: Nicholas is now post-canon. He's coming in some time after the end of the movie, after being officially promoted to chief inspector. His timeline from old-Milliways still applies, because I really don't want to come up with a whole new backstory. Any characters that knew him before are welcome to recognise him now.

For more information please see this post. For other pups played by the same mun, go here.

Nicholas' timeline on Milliways.

Nicholas Angel is the intellectual property of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, and Working Title Films. He appears here for the purpose of role playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit is made.
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